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Revolution in the Village

Since 2010, Revolution has been serving the Quad Cities Area with high quality consignment. As of September, 2017, we are under new ownership and as of January, 2018, we are in a new location. Not only will you find the same great styles as you've come to expect, but seek us out for the best selection of women's, young contemporary, plus size, special occasion, and vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Our highly selective process for merchandise intake means that you'll always have the very best options when you shop with us. For more information on our consigning policies, as well as a list of brands we love to consign, have a look at our Policies page.

Why Consign?

The benefits of consignment stores go far beyond simply saving a few dollars. Shopping consignment and consigning your own things are great ways to make some extra money, save on things you would have purchased anyway, support your community and local economy, and help to protect our planet by minimizing textile and water waste through recycling.

A seller can make some extra money for things he or she is no longer wearing simply by dropping it off for the contract term. Buyers have the opportunity to save significantly on items that would cost up to four times as much new in a retail store. Find out more about our consignor contract here.

Shopping at locally-owned stores helps a community to thrive. When you shop at a locally-owned business, sixty-eight cents of every dollar you spend stays right in your community, compared with only forty-three at national chains. Every penny you spend with big-box online retailers leaves your community.

Learn more about the thriving small business community in the Village of East Davenport here.


revolution davenport | 1315 Jersey ridge road | davenport, IA | 52803  


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